Urgup, home to the magical fairy chimneys valley of Cappadocia, attracts millions of visitors every year with its historical and natural beauties. One of the most romantic and impressive ways to stay in this magical region is to stay in hotels carved into the rocks. Cappadocia cave hotels, where the geographical texture and culture of the region are intertwined, offer an unforgettable experience. Yunak Houses, which stand out with their historical texture and comfort, offer their guests a peaceful and pleasant accommodation experience.

The geographical structure of Cappadocia is full of soft tuff stones formed by lava and ashes thousands of years ago. These stones were processed with carving techniques and turned into caves and started to be used as one of the comfortable accommodation alternatives over time. Cave hotels almost integrate with the natural texture of the region and make you feel like you are in a mystical fairy tale. The colour and texture of the stones add warmth and sincerity to the cave hotels, while the authentic decoration blends with comfort and offers a peaceful atmosphere.

Yunak Houses consist of eight rock houses from the 5th and 6th centuries and a Greek Mansion from the 19th century. These structures, carved into the soft tuff rocks of Cappadocia, are not just a hotel, but rare treasures that have survived from the depths of history. 

The 135 rooms, each carefully decorated, offer all the facilities of modern comfort while preserving the natural structure of the rocks. Furnished with handcrafted lace curtains, antique furniture and local rugs, the rooms take our guests on a romantic journey into the past. Each room has its own private terrace, perfect for taking in the breathtaking views of Cappadocia. Spending time on your terrace, especially at sunrise and sunset, will be an experience that renews your soul. At the first light of the morning, watching a spectacular view from your cave hotel accompanied by the colourful spectacle of balloons floating over the valleys will give you an unforgettable moment.

Caverna Restaurant

Located in the cellar of a 19th century Greek Mansion, Caverna Restaurant offers a charming atmosphere with its stone walls, arched ceilings and dim lighting. You can experience the most delicious dishes of Cappadocia cuisine here. Meats cooked in tandoor, traditional dishes prepared in casseroles and jugs, and local salads are the prominent flavours on the menu. The charming atmosphere combined with flavour will make your special days and romantic dinners unforgettable. A romantic candlelit dinner turns into a fairytale experience at Caverna Restaurant.

While staying in Cappadocia's best cave hotel Yunak Evleri, you can also benefit from the restaurant, pool and observation terrace.