Most Unique Hotel e' Numero 2 a livello mondiale nel Rapporto Hideaway di Andrew Harper



March 2005
Page 198


Turkey has long been famous for superb beaches and historical tresures. Now its opulent hotels, sailing breaks and exclusive villas are winning new admirers.

Cappadocia: cave chic

One of the world's most bizarre and surreal landscapes, Cappadocia is dotted with "fairy chimneys" - stalagmite pillars eroded by centuries of sun and wind. Underground is just as impressive: neolithic cavemen once inhabited the region and their homes later became a haven for Christians who built whole cities underground to evade their foes. Today many locals build their homes in these hollowed-out caves. Take a balloon flight for an astonishing perspective and you'll agree there's no place like it on Earth. Where to stay You needn't restrict your experience to an aerial view. Many of the caves have been converted into holiday accommodation that's anything but basic. The Yunak Houses are the latest word in holiday chic, complete with brass bedsteads, marbled bathrooms, large living areas and outside patios for alfresco meals and sunbathing. And a hot-air balloon flight comes as part of the package


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