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Great Small Hotels Collection


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Some architecture has a noteworthy presence, marked by the history of the place in which it is found. The community culture is so strongly compelling and exacting that these buildings become unique examples of nearly disappearing genres. These hotels, located in buildings with such a strong sense of identity, have fortunately been saved from the road to destruction by thoughtful conservation and renovation. Thus it is truly a privilege today to be able to stay, for example, in a magnificent house that was witness to a history of intrigue in the Qing Dynasty and Republican Era in China where the elegance and exclusiveness of traditional life around an interior patio has been preserved.

In another, completely different, part of the world, the Turkish culture developed an outstanding way of living in luxurious houses actually carved out of a mountain, later adorning the facade with a Greek style mansion. The impressive cave rooms are decorated with antique pieces in the Ottoman style, preserving the legacy. This refined period is also reflected in the stone hotels built in the traditional local stone and furnished with exquisite antiques, Anatolian carpets and hand-woven tapestries.

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